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I Hate This Key

Hardcore gamer or Terminal Services Client user? Then you certainly HATE THIS KEY! Yes,
you hate this useful Windows Logo key. The key you use for opening Start menu in Windows.
Yes, Windows Logo key is absolutely handy way for opening Start menu. But not in the hot
battle in Quake, Counter Strike or whatever game over network or when you are in
full-screen session in Terminal Services client.
When you were fragged in the very important moment in the game and your team loses the
round only because you accidentally press this key, you probably wanted to break you cool
Natural keyboard!
The Terminal Session is absolutely real when you go full-screen. Guess which key do you
press when you wanted to open Windows' Start menu in the session? We bet, you didn't
press ALT+HOME combination, because you've got used to press Windows Logo key to do this
So, what's the solution?
It's simple - use our I Hate This Key program. You will be able to work
as you've got used to work in Windows, but in some special cases, like playing games or
working in Terminal Services Session, the program will block Windows Logo key, so nothing
will hinder you to enjoy your game or to do your important job on server.

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